Global Shipping Guides

*Global shipping is for customers outside of South Korea.

We'll issue a refund within 14 days after deducting the cost of returning the item (Local and global shipping, import taxes, and handling).

Global Shipping Provider All global orders are shipped using global carriers such as EMS, FEDEX, etc.
Global Shipping Fee There is a $30 USD shipping fee for each order. If our global shipping policy changes, we'll update you with an announcement.
Global Shipping Times Global shipping times can take 7-10 days or additional time depending on the shipping location and global carrier.
Global Shipment Tracking Please allow 2-3 days for tracking information to be provided, depending on the shipping location and global carrier.

Shipping Restrictions

Given the current global instability, there might be regions with prolonged delivery times or issues, and countries involved in conflicts where delivery might not be possible. (Such as Libya, Somalia, Guatemala, Ukraine, Yemen, Russia, etc.)

Delivery may not be feasible based on the situation in each respective country, so please inquire in advance before making a purchase in such cases.

View Order Status

Once the product is dispatched, an invoice number for the shipment will be provided to the email address you provided during the order placement.

You can search for the invoice number on the designated carrier's website or check the shipment progress status through your account's My Page on the website or the Guest Order Inquiry section for non-members.