"NEURO GRASP: The Abyss"

: Unveiling Sunghye Park ’s Creative Journey

Sunghye Park

: Pioneering Fashion Narratives

  • Sunghye Park’s designs transcend traditional fashion, weaving complex stories of human instincts, desires, and power. Her creations invite profound exploration, revealing layers of meaning and versatility akin to eternal human truths. Each piece captures the raw essence of humanity, presenting a rich tapestry of emotion and thought.

    Her design philosophy merges innovation, sustainability, and psychologicaldepth. Using unconventional materials like recycled rubber and bicycle chains, her transformative silhouettes redefine functionality. Her work delves into textural contrasts and psychological themes, highlighting human vulnerability and transformation, pushing the boundaries of contemporary design with profound storytelling.

    On May 8, 2024, at New York’s Glasshouse, we caught up with Sunghye Park. Her innovative designs, which earned her the FIT Future of Fashion Critics Award in the sportswear category, have made waves in the New York fashion scene. Preparing to transcend her domain like an Übermensch, she shared the creative process behind her FIT Thesis Collection, "NEURO GRASP: The Abyss.”
  • Q: Tell us about your look and the designing process. What inspired this?

    • Sunghye Park : The collection is about the broken self-apotheosis of human behavior. It explores the paradoxical aspects of silhouettes and patterns, suggesting the imbalance between the desire to be godlike and the quest for stability. The heavy, armed, grotesque textures combined with delicate fabrics represent the fragile human frame, delving into the mental pain and agony during transitional periods.

      For my thesis, I needed to create two looks that connect in meaning. The first look's V-shaped silhouette symbolizes a human striving to become Nietzsche's "overman." The paradoxical arch patterns add depth to this silhouette. The second look features an arch-shaped silhouette, representing the quest for stability. I used neutral and black colors to blend the bone structure with human flesh.

      The veiled elements and intricate wireworks of the shorts evoke a mysterious vibe, symbolizing the neuron's role in the human body. The use of fragile armor and padding material signifies the human tendency to arm oneself.
  • Q: Are there any interesting details or facts about your garment?

    • Sunghye Park : By tweaking traditional thoughts, I aim to create unique and innovative looks. I enjoy using unconventional materials to create garments that seem otherworldly. My designs often feature metamorphic silhouettes and offer versatile styling options.

      In a previous collection, I designed pants that could transform into a jacket, promoting sustainability by thinking beyond material usage. For example, the jacket in this look can be worn inside out and features a detachable back armor with Velcro. The leather lapel without a collar gives it a dual appearance. The bra top can also be worn upside down, adding to its versatility.

      Recycling plays a significant role in my designs. The detachable armor on the back resembles a spine, adding a grotesque texture. The leather cap is made from recycled ski boot rubber and other materials, creating a monstrous texture. For the shorts, I used abandoned bicycle chains and tubes as boning to support the neoprene.

      Texture creation is a passion of mine. I crafted a bag from detached armor pieces and second-hand shoes, spraying them to achieve a monstrous texture. The inside of the jacket features layered black organza over yellow wax fabric, creating a unique color and texture that moves with the wearer.
  • Q: How did it feel seeing your look on the Future of Fashion Runway Show?

    • Sunghye Park : Backstage was incredibly busy, but I cherished every moment of fitting the model and making final adjustments before the show. Seeing my work on the runway was surreal and meaningful. Documenting my thoughts and the process made showcasing my vision even more rewarding. The music, the support of loving friends, and the overall experience were truly memorable.
  • Q: What has your time at FIT meant to you?

    • Sunghye Park : My experiences at FIT's campuses in Korea and New York have broadened my vision as a designer. The diverse environments of the fashion industry helped me find my niche. Although there were challenging times, these experiences taught me valuable lessons in garment creation, selfmanagement, and resilience.

      I met many hardworking and inspiring individuals at FIT. Despite the struggles, the camaraderie and shared dreams with friends made the journey worthwhile. We supported each other, shared our visions, and experienced both laughter and tears together.

: NEURO GRASP:the abyss

About broken self apotheosis of human behavior. Though the paradoxical aspects of the silhouettes and patterns suggest the imbalance between desire to be godlike and to seek stability. The heavy armed grotesque texture blended with delicate fabrication which indicates the fragile human frame (skin), explores the mental pain and agony that comes to human’s transitional period.

Notable Items, Materials, and Details

  • Lapel Back Spine Leather Jacket : Detachable back spine armor, wax and organza layering panels, recycled padding.
  • Wire Neuron Chain Shorts : Made with abandoned bicycle chains, wire leather, and neoprene.
  • Wax Boning Stretch Mesh Dress : Features a center front opening that covers the face, with Velcro and zipper closures for styling options.
  • Fabric Scrap Leather Cap : Created from recycled ski boots rubber, leather scraps, and shoe trims, with a monstrous texture.
  • 4 Wax Coated Leather Strap Pants : Adjustable Velcro closures and flyer, front-back connected pockets.
  • 3 Boo Bra : Recycled knee pads with a stretch neck.
  • Spray Foam Heel Boots and Mask : Black spray foam mask and boots with spray foam detailing.
  • Photographer : Max Durante
  • Female Model : Serenity Watson
  • Male Model : Woosik Kim