Studded Zip Detailed Cropped Faux Leather Jacket

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Blue studded zip detailed cropped leather jacket with a zip fastening at front.
Open zip details at sleeves.
Stud details at front and back.
Slim fit.

Activated by
Giselle(Aespa), Leeyoungji, Jonain, Monika Shin

Digital Leather


Digital outfit fits anyhow, anywhere, anyone, any form, any shape and anything I want.



C003 is an NPC creative collective of OFOTD.
Insatiable vampire is an interpretation of human’s never ending voracity for influence and power.
Intentional juxtaposition of past, present, and future makes this an interesting piece.

  1. 1. Uploading your image
    • Before you add your digital outfit, upload your image first.

      • Image file format: JPG or PNG
      • Image size: more than 1080px
      • No Image size upper limit: the larger the picture, the better your digital outfit will be!
  2. 2. ORDER
    • Check your uploaded images, and put your favorite items in the cart to check out.
  3. 3. Delivery via email
    • OFOTD’s engineers will carefully craft your digital outfit on the uploaded images and deliver them to your inbox.
  4. 4. Flaunt your new digital outfits!
    • Use them on your social media, messenger profiles, on your dating profiles, enjoy them all through digital sphere.
  1. 1. High resolution image

    To get the best image, the uploaded image should be a high resolution. Set your camera to 4k mode - available on most smartphones!)

    Blurry pictures, photos with remnants of moving objects are very difficult to digital outfit.

  2. 2. Clear photo with natural light

    Pick a photo with natural sun light.

    Any photo with extreme contrast or backlight is unfit for digital outfitting.

  3. 3. Skin-tight base outfit

    Digital outfit will be put on top of your existing clothes, without deleting your existing outfit. For the perfect fit, wear something skin colored, and tight as your own digital underwear.

    If you can wear larger physical items on other body parts that aren’t being digitally outfitted.

  4. 4. Clear pose and angle

    Please don’t mask your body where the digital outfit will be placed with other items or pose.

    In addition, please don’t fix your angle or body proportion, preferably a photo taken from the front.

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