OFOTD's digital outfit is an exclusive digital fashion product that has been influenced by fashion creators and artists.💫
Please read as following guide for enjoying digital outfit shopping.
HOW TO : Digital Photo Submission

Explore exclusive, free of material constraints digital clothing.

Photo fitted - to - order and digitally delivered to the customer.

  • Photo Format
    • JPG or PNG
  • MIN Photo Size Requirement
    • 1080px short edge
  • PMAX Photo Size Requirement
    • There are no restrictions. Larger and high quality photos will produce better digital outfit images.
  • High Quality
    • Images must be clear high resolution for optimum results. We suggest putting camera settings on 4K(iPhone / Android) and good lighting.
  • Natural Light
    • Make sure that your body parts are clearly visible on the image and not covered.
  • Fitted Clothes
    • Physical outfit in your images will not be removed, instead, digital outfit will be manipulated onto you. We suggest wearing tight clothing or even a skin coloured body/underwear/ shapewear for high-end digital outffiting.
  • Clear Pose And Uncovered Parts
    • You are allowed to wear oversized items on the body parts that are not supposed to be fitted with a digital product. Plese check the below image for more information.