= Outfit of Today, and Tomorrow
Dear fashion killa and monsters, we
invite you the creator-powered future
fashion ecosystem, OFOTD.
= OFOTD Foundation, an ultimate protocol for
fashion talents and designers.
We put creators first. OF.F is for creators to create.Individuals who are chosen by OF.F unlock creative power and build an influential brand.
Creative individuals define the future fashion industry today.
OF.F is dedicated to support in an attempt to
emphasize creators’ own philosophy (value, perspectives, identity, etc.), take strategic actions,
stay ahead of inventory hurdles, and set growthpriorities as a brand.
OFOTD exists in both a physical and digital capacity. All OF.F creators’ collection pieces come with an NFT called Digital Tag. Every moment when fashion meets power(influence), new brands are created. OFOTD Digital Tags preserve the moment of creation and guarantee the value of creators' collections. How to become a holder? Anyone who succeeded (or will succeed) to mint or purchase our limited drops are entitled.